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Intimate Peninsula Wedding

Lexie and Nick.

Their beautiful family and friends. GUH. ✨

Two years ago this sweet couple got married in little church in Peninsula Ohio (Bronson Church), and it was one of the most simple, elegant and joyful weddings I have ever been a part of.

Intimate Ohio wedding, to a “T”.

The minimal details were SO gorgeous and meaningful, and the same could be said of the loved ones in attendance. Intimate weddings are so special because it is something only a few close friends and family get to experience. It is something they will treasure forever, both the couple and the guests… and me too!

I am SO grateful for my couples and all of their wonderful people. I grow to love all of them! <3 I leave weddings with a bunch of new friends, and it is just wonderful.

Enjoy this sweet wedding, friends.

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